Anitta Ng'weshemi

Salon & Social Media Coordinator

Having to live in 2 countries, 4 states and 6 cities, Anitta has a strong, yet humble and diverse background. All the way from East Africa to Chicago, Ill; to good ‘ol country side Blair, Nebraska ( just to name a few whereabouts), this creative Tanzanian native loves all things art. Some of Anitta’s highly favored interests include hair, fashion, culinary arts and photography.

Although she is quite the minimalist, Anitta loves expressing herself through various hairstyles. “I treat hair like an accessory”, says Anitta— “..and if you don’t have any, buy some”. She is a firm believer of making men and women feel even more confident through their hair. The sky is the limit.

Anitta welcomes all of the challenges and opportunities that Serrano Salon will bring.